Our American Way of Life is threatened with New Speak, New Thought, Political Correctness, and threat of a New World Order.

Dr. F. Graves, J.D.

Traditional values of self-reliance, hard work, honesty in business, and genuine patriotism working to promote liberty through justice are still the best protection we have for ourselves and our children.

Individual rights will continue to disappear … if we do nothing.


FORCE your leaders to do what’s right.

RESTORE the American Dream for yourself, your children, and future generations.

Learn How Here

Complaining about a fox in the henhouse doesn’t do much for the defenseless chickens. Yet, day-after-day Dr. Graves receives dozens of emails from people proudly pointing their fingers at problems as if doing so will magically make the problems go away.

FIGHT SMART in court and make a difference!

If you want the henhouse safe from foxes, and voting doesn’t seem to be working, put ink on court papers and BE HEARD on the official record of your government!

Complaining is getting us nothing.

We are a nation of laws!

True patriots work with legal know-how to control corrupt judges and force legislators to change bad laws.

True patriots work for justice according to the rules and our American Heritage: The Rule of Law and the principles and practices of due process!

Know how to use your power.

Dr. F. Graves’ “How to Win in Court” course shows you how … step-by-step!

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