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All are encouraged to start their reading from the Historical tab first. Selections with an * are of great value and importance in our opinion.

AmSuJuSo Documents:


  1. Articles of Confederation
  2. The Wealth of Nations – Adam Smith
  3. The Social Contract – Rousseau *
  4. The Rights of Man – Thomas Paine*
  5. The Republic – Plato*
  6. Mayflower Compact
  7. The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin
  8. Magna Carta*
  9. Mayflower Compact
  10. Hard Times – Charles Dickens
  11. Federalist Papers*
  12. Declaration of Independence*
  13. Constitution of the United States*
  14. Common Sense – Thomas Paine*
  15. Code of Hammurabi

Dictionaries, Definitions:

Important Misc. Docs:

  1. Agenda21
  2. belligerent-claimant*
  3. US v. BANKERS’ TRUST CO. _ FindLaw
  4. VerifiedClaimHJR-192
  5. the-secret-covenant
  6. the-lawyers-secret-oath
  7. supremecourtcases-1*
  8. Power and Authority of The County Sheriff *
  9. motion-to-demand-court-read-all-pleadings
  10. motion-to-claim-and-exercise-constitutional-rights
  11. zip-code-use-is-voluntary
  12. zero-out-the-account-matt-3-5-08
  13. judicial-notice-regarding-foreign-flag
  14. court-challeges
  15. without-prejudice-study-guide
  16. who-needs-a-drivers
  17. what-is-a-dollarMemo 004-Soverign – Copy
  18. use-of-social-security-numbers
  19. Memo 001-Due Process
  20. Memo 002-Common Law
  21. the_law_legal_maxums
  22. StrawMan |
  23. Common Law Handbook*
  24. conclusions-of-law
  25. initial_appearance
  26. 1934hr_goldresact*
  27. resident*
  28. republican_form_of_government*
  29. patriation
  30. plain-talk-11-04-03
  31. no-contract-no-case
  32. law-of-contract*
  33. mastering-the-ucc*
  34. citizen-legal-fiction*

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