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Mission Statement

Who We Are

The members of American Sui Juris Society, herein AmSuJuSo, are men and women who desire to effectuate the founding principles of our Great Land (America) by informing themselves of this Land’s history and laws from it’s inception to this present day, so that WE  may more effectively continue to secure the blessings of Life, Liberty and the  Pursuit of Happiness and the Protection of these blessings by a more perfectly  informed, and therefore more empowered, and therefore a more Peaceable  People.

Who We Are Not

* AmSuJuSo is NOT a sovereign citizen movement

* Sovereign Citizen is a oxy-moronic term used by seditious persons.

* AmSuJuSo abhors acts of violence, notwithstanding, those acts which are necessary for the protection of life.

* What is being promulgated by the AmSuJuSo is Sui Juris not sovereignty; Sovereignty rest in ‘WE the People’ which is a collective body, not lone wolves.

* Sui Juris definitionally speaking is simply the capacity to handle one’s own affairs, nothing more, nothing less

* AmSuJuSo is NOT and will NOT celebrate, exacerbate nor tolerate seditious behavior from its membership; any found exhibiting seditious behavior will be expunged and may face legal actions from AmSuJuSo its trustees and/or beneficiaries.

Mission Statement

It is the mission of American Sui Juris Society to teach and encourage love, peace and tolerance of all by all and for all.  To this end were we created. This is our mission.

​Our main goal is to bring an end to the differences that continue to keep us separate one from another; we do this through the ministry of teaching, counseling, community outreach and any other modality that may be needed; including but not limited to assisting the down trodden, orphans and widows.

​Our mission has this end goal, to assuage the differences established to us by society, culture, geography, demographics and the like in order to be able to facilitate a harmony of balance and respect to all, for all  and by all.

One way to your empowerment is to Learn to defend yourself in court by taking advantage of the course offered.

Course in Court Procedure By:

Dr. Frederick Graves, J.D.

Whether you are facing a lawsuit stemming from a civil tort action or criminal prosecution this course will give you a wealth of knowledge which will teach you all the fundamentals of civil and criminal procedure. Course as taught by Dr. F. Graves, J.D.

This is a COMPLETE A-Z Course covering ALL pertinent aspects of the litigation process unlike any other! 



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Visitor Declaration


1. I am not a Government Official, a Law Enforcement Agent, a Confidential Informant, a Citizen Informant and I am in no capacity affiliated with any Law Enforcement or Government Personnel and will not devoid any information in regard to American Sui Juris Society, herein AmSuJuSo, members, activities and Proprietary Information to any other person without the express written consent of AmSuJuSo If at any time my status changes in regards to the aforesaid and I am in violation of this rule I will voluntarily remove myself from AmSuJuSo as I am in breach of my oath herein. (If you are law enforcement or a government agent we cannot accept you into the inner sanctums of this website as you have already appointed man as master and is a direct conflict of interest to the sanctity and safety of the free speech herein. (“No one can serve two masters. For you will hate one and love the other; you will be devoted to one and despise the other. Matthew 6:24)
2. I agree to live by the rules and policies first and foremost, and follow the rules and structures developed as a community under AmSuJuSo to the fullest of my potential and submit myself fully thereto.
3. I will devote time to making AmSuJuSo a better place for all, and will not in any way intentionally detriment any member, administrators, or affiliates.
4. I agree to the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, Visitor Agreement,

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